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I get asked a lot how many photographers there are at Moxie Images, well it is just me, Nikki.

I took 2 years of photography classes at a career center during high school while also working at a portrait studio, and interning with a wedding photographer. I loved it and decided to study photography, graduating with an AA Degree in 2003, and started my business the same month.

When I started my business I was mainly doing weddings, which since then have exceeded to be over 250 of them! My work continued to spread to babies, kids, seniors, and families when my wedding clients started to have families and when other referrals came in.

I feel blessed I chose a passion to pursue at such a young age and have been able to continue this work through all my seasons of life. It is definitely a creative outlet that I find joy in, both behind the camera and during the computer magic later.

Most importantly I feel honored to be chosen to capture parts of my client's journeys and would love to capture a part of your journey too! Whether you have a big event in life coming up like a wedding, graduation, having a baby or you just haven't had family photos taken in a long time (or ever!) I'm here to help you.

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