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7501 W Enoch, Clayton, WA 99110

Mont Lamm Events is a premier wedding and party venue located just North of Deer Park, Washington. Our event center is surrounded by 40 acres of natural beauty, open skies, pastoral vistas, wheat fields, and a panoramic view of Mt. Spokane.

A wedding is a chance to connect with all of your friends and family and share in one of the most important moments you’ll share as a couple. You can do that anywhere, that’s true. But if you had to choose between an everyday someplace, or someplace like home, we hope you choose home. We hope you choose us. We’ve got a great place AND we treat you like friends who know how to throw a really good wedding and reception!

If you’re looking for premium services and attention to your details then Mont Lamm Events is definitely the place for you. All Your Events, All Year Long!

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