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Just American Desserts serves the very finest desserts in the Spokane area. Our story begins when, as pastry chefs for a leading Spokane restaurant, we noticed an enthusiastic demand for our quality products. Along with supplying desserts in our shoppe, we also are a wholesale distributorship for some of Spokane's leading dining establishments.

We are proud pioneers of a generation of American bakers who reject modern shortcuts in favor of traditional techniques and old fashioned quality. We use only the freshest and finest ingredients available (dairy butter and sour cream, real whipping cream, and pure chocolate). We hand zest and squeeze our own tangy lemons and use fresh AA whole eggs. NO mixes or additives.

With respect for the past and an eye towards the future, we, at Just American Desserts, are committed to serving you, our customer, the very finest desserts. We invite you to taste and discover baking the way it should be…

The difference is delicious.

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